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Our Adult Day Health Care Center

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How does a patient benefit from adult day care?

In our adult day care center person will experience more independence with this service than without. Our adult day care center provides person care while allowing to live in their chosen residence, among family and loved ones. Our adult day care center can also offer stimulating exercise and wellness programs, medical support, and a safe and caring environment where members can make connections and socialize.


Our Adult Day Health Care center provides the following services :

Nursing and medical care: Our medical professionals monitor your loved one’s health and vital signs, give medication, keep an eye on glucose levels and insulin injections, as well as caring for wounds, feet, and fulfilling personal needs such as washing and assistance in bathroom activities. We also provide training to help our patients improve their own lives, such as incontinence training, hygiene education, disease management and prevention.
Speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy : Our therapists evaluate each patient, treating patients individually as needed. They also can provide exercise programs and physical therapy, and education on safety topics and ways to prevent injury.
Psychological and social therapy : Group and individual counseling are available from our professional psychologists. We offer counseling sessions that focus on social skills, coping mechanisms, mental health maintenance, crisis intervention, help with insurance challenges, daily encouragement, and referrals to other resources.
Hot, healthy meals and nutritional education : All of our meals are nutritious and designed by professional dietician. Special diets are provided for, and must be specially ordered by the patient’s regular physician.
Constant communication with primary doctor and the patient’s family : We believe nothing is more important than effective communication in providing successful medical treatment. Our staff is always communicating with physicians and families to make sure our care is the very best.
Fun social activities : Games designed to work the mind and body. We offer musical therapy classes, arts and crafts, sessions on relaxation techniques, cultural diversity education, live entertainment.
Your own driver : We provide well-trained and helpful drivers who can pick patients up and bring them right to our door.

An adult day care center's goals ought to be improving patient quality of life, and enhancing their innate skills, knowledge, and abilities. Following are activities typically offered by such facilities:

  • stretching and light exercise
  • arts and crafts classes
  • book, film, or current event discussion groups
  • musical entertainment including sometimes karaoke or live bands
  • mentally stimulating activities like bingo, domino, chest
  • holiday and birthday parties
  • field trips to local attractions

Our Adult Day Care services offer free transportation to and from the center, as well as counseling and support groups.

When do I need to think about using adult day care?

Many people have a hard time admitting they need help. Caregivers tend to be highly independent, capable people who take pride in being able to handle everything on their own. But caring for an elderly or medically needy family member is a huge challenge—and it often requires the specialized knowledge of a healthcare professional.

Like any major service, it’s best to start checking out your options before the need is urgent. You should start thinking about adult day care for a senior family member:

  • the senior cannot be left alone safely
  • the senior can no longer plan the activities in his or her day
  • the senior is often alone and does not have adequate social interaction
  • the senior lives with a primary caregiver who has other pressing responsibilities such as a full time job, or is often out of the home for any reason
Our Adult Day Care programs are safe, structured, and nurturing. We take pride in giving each patient an environment in which they can be comfortable and happy. Our program is community based and is engineered to fulfill all our patients’ therapeutic, social, and healthcare needs during the day.

Free driver: Our Adult day Health Care provide free transportation, well-trained and helpful drivers who can pick patients up and bring them right to our door.

To ask questions or schedule an appointment to talk with us, please do not hesitate to call. We encourage prospective patients and their families to visit us first, and see our environment firsthand.

For more Information or schedule Free Appointment call our program director at:

Tel: 1-310-300-1111

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1227 S. La Cieniga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

As you are concerned about the needs for your self, your parents, an aging spouse or family member our Adult Day Health Care could change your life.

Whether you live close to your family member or across the country we can help. We can assist you with the social, medical, emotional that impact the well-being of your loved ones.

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